B-Brite™ 3 in 1: Cleaning, Bleaching & Deodorizing in one action.

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  • GR250
  • B-Brite Powder is a 3 in 1 product: Cleaning, bleaching & deodorizing in one action
  • High efficiency in cleaning and fat removal.
  • Chlorine is one of the most effective elements
  • Bleaching for stain whitening
  • Fragranced & cleaning powder.
  • Provides deodorizing property.
  • Suitable for household use and institutional applications (manual use only) • Cleaning of: bathrooms, showers, ceramics (tile covered walls), marble, sinks and bowls, excellent for floor cleaning • Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces and sinks • Soaking non aluminum utensils (pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery) in both household, institutional & industrial use
  • B-Brite Powder is a pink high alkaline multipurpose cleaning powder containing phosphates, active chlorine & additives. 
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