About Wine Lovers Online

Wine Lover's is 100% Canadian owned and operated. It was founded in the summer of 2002 to address a need for a fine fun modern winemaking process in the London Ontario area, as well as it fulfills a need for an online wine kit retailer.

Wine Lovers prides itself on selling quality wine kits at a reasonable price from some of the best grape growing areas in the world. We travel the globe to find exciting new grape concentrates we are proud to showcase in all our wine kits.


I would highly recommend this kit. I am getting it again now, and am going to oak each gallon to differing degrees to see what works the best.


Great Kit, beginner or expert. Amazing value for online wine kit. Arrived quickly, fermented out to schedule and is a pretty darn good wine.


Good kit for the price. With a few tweaks and scaling it back to a 5 gallon batch you can make a real winner. I would buy again.


Everything need for a good wine. Simple and easy instructions and the wine tasted very good. All the ingredients needed for a nice package.


Great kit. Made good wine in 10 days. Fruity taste. People who say it did not taste good must be poring the trub into the final bag.

DIY Amazing

Amazing product, good instructions, super easy to do. First batch finished 10 days after it arrived, cleared up nicely even without filtering.


Simply put, it's a 5l boxed wine kit for $20. A good price for me since I normally pay $60 at the liquor store in Canada for the same amount.


I bought two box's of this wine-Made wine in 5 gallon pails as it's much easier then using the plastic bags. Looks and smells great.


I got this kit from my local merchant, but at half the price it's worth it. Wine is meant to be savored so once it's made you just enjoy.