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Everything You Need To Start Making Wine:

Cleaning Solution: B-Brite Sanitizer | Ingredient Winemaming Kit: 5.2 LT Grape juice concentrate and Add Paks | Primary Fermenter: Pail with lid has an open-top to easily allow stirring and adding ingredients. A food grade bucket is your best bet for a primary fermenter. | Secondary Fermenter: The carboy is an airtight vessel that necks down at the top, creating a favorable surface area to volume ratio for wine maturation. | Testing: Hydrometer and test Jar | Mixing: Spoon Large | Transferring Pak: Transferring wine between buckets and carboys can be achieved by siphoning with a racking cane and tube. | Bung and Airlock: To seal the top of a carboy, a bung and airlock are used. | Packaging: Wine Dispenser Box 5 lt and 5 x Fill Bags 5 lt.